Number of Counselling Sessions

It is usually the case that a minimum of 6 weekly sessions of one hour is required for positive change to take place. Thereafter, by mutual agreement, I offer open-ended counselling. It is not unusual for the counselling relationship to last a year or longer, though the length of our counselling agreement is as individual as you.

When and where I work

I am available by arrangement during the day and in the evening. I encourage clients to keep to the same appointment time each week.

Before Lockdown I worked from home where I have a room used exclusively for counselling purposes. It has its own entrance and off-street parking is provided. I live in BS48 approximately 6 miles south of Bristol close to the A370.

Since Lockdown I have been offering therapy over the Zoom platform. It is not necessary to have this application downloaded to participate.

Since 1 June when Lockdown rules were slightly eased, I have been offering some clients socially distanced counselling in my garden. This is not appropriate for those categorised by the Government as vulnerable or shielding and is weather dependent.

Counselling Contract

When we start to work together I will ask you to sign a contract confirming our agreement to work together, including boundaries, timing and confidentiality. The contract may be tailored to suit your particular needs, but once signed both sides must abide by its contents.